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Starting your business gives you enough to think about

It can be confusing, expensive and time-consuming to get the branding right, and time is a luxury you might not have. Yet a good brand is what makes you profitable. MOBE helps you:


Defining your business' mission and vision

Finding your unique selling point & market position

Picking your brand archetype

Figuring out your target audience

Writing your Attractive Character Story

Coming up with your business' name

Analysing your competitors

Building your ideal style, look & feel

Part 1: The Branding Playbook

Your brand is your superpower - it's why people choose to trust and buy from your business. Learn all the fundamentals to branding and follow a step-by-step process to build your own online brand. No fluff, just actionable advice & helpful tips to follow. 

Even if you think you have a good brand and know enough on the topic - the branding playbook will refresh your memory and inspire you!

Part 2: The Figma Guidelines

Design your brand step-by-step with an easy to follow Figma Guidelines Template. From your internal branding - ideal client, tone of voice and attributes, all the way to choosing your colours and designing your logo, the Figma file makes it easy to have everything in a digital format.

It has Help Guides that are easy to follow even if you have never heard of Figma before.


One of the easiest ways to design your brand and position yourself in the market is to 1) Design a Moodboard and 2) Perform a Competitors Analysis.

With our Figma Whiteboard templates, you will know exactly what to do - it's really easy and intuitive, allowing you to truly find what makes you tick and apply it to your own brand.

Part 3: The Notion Guideline

Imagine having all the information about the core of your business in one place.The Notion Brand Guideline is easy to customise and helps you build a brand that you can refer to and share. 

Simple and easy to follow, the Notion pages contain important links, and a digital library that you can make your own. 


More than just pages of text and value statements, the Notion template also offers you customisable colour, logo and typography guides, so you can truly make it your own. Everything is linked to the Branding Playbook, so there is no guessing!

Set yourself up for success

Getting your brand right will help you build a profitable business and attract your dream clients. It's so much more than picking out the right colours - it's about consistency, trust and storytelling.

I'm ready to build my brand!

What You Get

We love transparency, so here's what you get in the Branding Made Easy Starter Pack:

The Branding Playbook

30+ pages covering the fundamentals to building a brand with actionable steps to follow, linked to Notion & Figma Guidelines to save you time.

The Figma Branding Template

Your visual brand-builder where you can design your internal and external brand, guided by helpful tips and an intuitive template. Good for beginners.

Competitors Analysis & Moodboard

Use these whiteboard files (called FigJam) to analyse your competitors & gather inspiration to build your brand.

Notion Brand Guidelines

Notion brand-builder and library. Helpful links and sub-pages mirroring the information in the Playbook, so you can easily design your brand. 

Branding Starter Pack


One-off price including:

  • The Branding Playbook
  • The Figma Branding Guidelines
  • The Notion Guidelines
  • Bonus Competitors Analysis
  • Bonus Moodboard
  • Video Instructions
  • Plug-and-Play Templates
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We are Mirena & Ollie - the founders of MOBE. We experienced first-hand the challenge of finding all the information you need to build an online business. This lead us to combining our 15 years experience in the design and marketing field and starting MOBE. We're on a mission to make it easier for everyone to follow their dream of owning their own business, so they can live a life that's true to them (and spend more time outdoors!).